Penang - State And Attraction

on Monday, 11 March 2013

Penang - State And Attraction

Penang  State And Attraction | Pulau Pinang or Penang is a state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The state is divided into two parts by the Strait of Malacca.

This state was the first British settlement in Peninsular Malaysia. Penang name is taken from the name of the island tree nut (Areca catechu). It also called Tanjung Penang Bidara before known.

Located near the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Separated between the state of Kedah in the North and East, Eastern Province in the south and the Strait of Malacca and Sumatra (Indonesia) in the West.

Penang consists of the island and the mainland known as Province Wellesley. Area of ​​285 km2 island is completely separate from the Province.

The two halves are connected by a ferry service and the length of the Penang Bridge, 13.5 km. Penang has a population of 1.6 million people (based on the estimated random).

Penang Map - State And Attraction

Penang District

The state is divided into five administrative regions, each headed by a district officer.

Penang Island:
North-East Penang Island District (Daerah Timur Laut)
South-West Penang Island District (Daerah Barat Daya)

Seberang Perai:
Northern Seberang Perai District (Daerah Seberang Perai Utara)
Central Seberang Perai District (Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah)
Southern Seberang Perai District (Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan)

Penang Attractions

1. Penang Bridge (Janmbatan Pulau Pinang)

Penang Bridge

This bridge is the heart of Penang. This is where the beauty of Penang door will start from here.
This bridge was once ranked among the world's longest - 13.5km, indeed offers an exciting location.
To find out what these privileges, please shoot photos of this bridge during the evening or early morning.

2. Bukit Bendera
Bukit Bendera

Bukit Bendera is one of the relics of British history in Penang. Highest peak here is at an altitude of 833m (2.723 feet) above sea level. To reach the top you can use the train type 'Funicular'.

Before you go there make sure you check the website or contact the Penang Bukit Bendera Corporation in number 04-8288880 for sometimes the Corporation will cease operations railway railway to make periodic maintenance.

3. Penang Butterfly Farm (Teluk Bahang)

Penang Butterfly Farm (Teluk Bahang)

The park is recognized as the Butterfly Sanctuary and Tropical Insects the first in the world.

The park contains thousands of butterflies of 50 different species. This place also houses scorpions, frogs and various insects.

4. Fort Cornwallis

The fort was built in the yard touchdown Francis Light in 1786. So this is a historical legacy that is still intact. Now, it serves as a theater, historic galleries and shops selling handicrafts.

It also houses the historic cannon belonging to the Netherlands, which was presented to the Sultan of Johor, who had previously stolen by Portuguese colonists.

5. Botanical Garden
6. Penang Peranakan Mansion
7. Batu Feringghi
8. Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site, Penang
9. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
10. Sleeping Buddha Temple
11. Pulau Jerejak
12. Penang Museum
13. Pasar Chowrasta
14.Muzium Islam Pulau Pinang (Syed Al-Attas Mansion)
15. Penang National Park
16. Floating Mosque

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